The 2008 harvest saw the debut of a new Barbera with the Montalbera signature characterised by superior quality and excellence in terms of originality, sensorial characteristics, improved grape ripening and the use of customised vinification techniques. A precise, attentive and rather special study to find the “old vineyards” with the best exposure on the estate. The grapes were harvested slightly over ripe to soften the imposing acidity typical of Barbera for a sweeter palate. The characteristics feature of Barbera, nevertheless, certainly appears in the soft and supple tannins in the mouth… for a modern, eclectic, versatile and precious wine. Fundamental, vital aspects for success in a very competitive national and international context. Renewal means keeping up with the times, never taking anything for granted and living modernity with the knowledge and experience of the past – this why Barbera d’Asti d.o.c.g. LEQUILIBRIO is a wine for today and the future… already outlined by its sensory features as… a minor miracle of truly fabulous persuasiveness and soft ness in taste…

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